MiniFinder iBeacon

For indoor positioning & extending devices' battery life


MiniFinder iBeacon is a Bluetooth Smart™ proximity beacon using iBeacon™ technology. It’s the perfect beacon for indoor positioning when using Nano, Nano One and Pico 4G and also extends the devices’ battery life.

Technical specification
Antenna Integrated PCB
Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
Bluetooth Frequency 2.402GHz - 2480GHz
Proximity Beacon Configurable Rate 0.33Hz (fixed)
Transmit Power 0 dBm (fixed)
Typical Line-of-Sight Range 50m - 80m
Size 62 mm × 62 mm x 19 mm
Weight 27 g
Battery #7 (AAA) dry cell battery
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +65°C
Battery Life 300ms (fixed) 365days

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