MiniFinder Zepto GPS Tracker for vehicles

Plug & Play solution for digital trip logs. No installation required. Superior performance. OBDII GPS tracker for professional use such as rental cars, taxi, transportation etc.


Minifinder Zepto is the market's smallest GPS tracker for fast connection via the vehicle's diagnostic port, so called. OBD port with a full 5-year warranty.

Installation is easiest via the OBD port. Just plug the device into the diagnostic connector and you are done with the installation. If you would rather connect the product to a power source, do so via an OBD power adapter. Minifinder Zepto withstands a voltage of 9V to 36V.

All cars manufactured from 2001 onwards has support for OBD connection. The socket is usually located in the cab, usually somewhere below the steering wheel.

Minifinder Zepto is a Plug & Play GPS tracker. There was no need for knowledge in electronics or cables for connection to the vehicle. Zepto uses the OBD port only for power supply.

MiniFinder Zepto GPS Tracker


  • Tracking of vehicles in real time
  • Trip log
  • Theft of vehicles and machinery
  • Statement of working hours
  • Increase efficiency at work

Key features

  • GeoFence
    The unit alarms directly on your mobile if it is outside a defined area on the map.

  • Live Tracking
    Get the vehicle's position in real time. Works across the EU. Can be activated in non-EU countries at extra cost.

  • History
    Get out of the vehicle itinerary based on the date and time in the form of tracks and data on the map.

  • Statistics
    The statistics on speed, fuel consumption, mileage, parking times, stop mm.

  • Logging of positions
    Minifinder Zepto logs all positions in the flash memory at the loss of the GSM signal. The positions are then buffered out to MiniFinder GO system when the signal is regained.

  • Vibration alarm
    The unit can be set to report their position at vibration

  • Tamper Alarm
    Alarm if an unauthorized person to dismantle the device

  • Low Battery Alarm
    Zepto can detect the vehicle battery voltage and send alarm at low battery level.

  • Speeding alarm
    Set the speed limit and get information if it is exceeded

MiniFinder Zepto in BMW

Free trial

Any company can test the product free of charge for 30 days. Call or email us and we will quickly a test kit.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies reward their customers different when mounting a search and track system, the customer should contact their insurance company for current data.


* OBD Extension Cord

* OBD Power Adapter


* Dimensions: 40 x 31 x 24 mm

* Net Weight: 27g


* 5 years

Technical specification
Size 40mm x 24 mm x 31mm
Weight 27g
Battery 40 mAh (3.7V)
GSM-band Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Power source DC 9-36V/1.5mA
Operating Temperature -20° - 70°C
GPS Sensitivity -162dB
Accuracy (Position) 5m, 2D RMS
GPS chipset UBLOX-G7020
Humidity 15% - 85%
LED 1 LED light indicates GPS and GSM status

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