Atto Pro GPS Tracker for dog / cat / horse

A small and convenient GPS tracker that protects animals of all sizes


MiniFinder Atto Pro is an innovative GPS tracker for pets. The GPS device is small, convenient and can be easily attached to your pets' collar. With a size of only 65 * 35 * 16 mm and a modest weight of 39 gram, Atto Pro is ideal to use even on the smallest animals. Additionally, the device is waterproof and can, therefore, be used outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions.

Behind the device's shell, we find a technology of the highest quality. Atto Pro is built upon the MLPC™- Algorithm, MiniFinder Low Power Consumption, that includes a range of unique features which enhance energy consumption. The cutting-edge technology also provides pet owners with effective positioning, regardless of the animal's location.

Thanks to the world-leading GPS technology, Atto Pro can be used in over 190 countries. Additionally, Atto Pro has a built-in GPS chip from U-Blox, made in Switzerland, which is both powerful and resource-efficient.

MiniFinder Atto Pro has a long battery life, and when the device's battery level falls below a certain percentage, selected receivers are alerted with alarm notification. The built-in magnetic charging contact together with the supplied cable that makes the charging process very easy.


MiniFinder Atto Pro includes a bark indicator that can be useful when the pet is out of the owner's sight. The indicator enables the pet owner to listen to how the animal is behaving and what is happening in the area where your pet is located.

The tracking system MiniFinder GO provides you with several features to increase your pet’s safety. In addition to seeing the animal's movement patterns on the map, for example, you can also mark and store your own data that is related to your animal, such as the latest vaccination date.



  • Real-time positioning

    Atto Pro enables real-time tracking of your pet's movements and sends all data to the MiniFinder GO Tracking System. All data, such as battery status, alarm status and GPS/GSM signal strength, can be accessed via smartphones, tablets or web browsers.

  • Geofence Alarm

    Set up safe areas on the map in the MiniFinder GO system or the APP. Atto Pro sends a notification if your pet crosses a preset boundary.

  • Location History

    All position data is stored in the MiniFinder GO tracking system and can be collected for up to a year.

  • Bark Indicator

    Atto Pro contains a bark indicator which enables the pet owner to listen to what is happening in the area where the animal is located.

  • Low Battery Warning

    A warning will be sent out to predefined alarm receivers when the battery level falls below a certain percentage. This function provides the user with plenty of time to recharge the device before the battery runs out.

  • Weak GPS Signal Warning

    MiniFinder Atto Pro sends a warning to the user when entering an area without GPS-signal. The device will also notify users when GPS reception returns.

  • Motion Alarm

    Activate the motion alarm function and get notified as soon as the device detects a movement.

  • Speeding Alarm

    Atto Pro enables you to set individual speed limits. The device sends an automatic alarm if the speed exceeds or falls below a preset value.

  • Flash Memory

    MiniFinder Atto logs all positions in the flash memory at the loss of the GSM signal. The positions are then sent out to MiniFinder GO Tracking system when GSM-coverage returns. 

  • Maps

    MiniFinder GO supports GoogleMaps, Bing Maps and OpenStreet Maps.


Atto Pro is certified according to IP67 standard and is, therefore, water and dust resistant. In the video below, we show that the entity actually thrives just as well in the water as around the pet's neck.


The package contains:

  • The device, GPS tracker MiniFinder® Atto Pro
  • Micro USB magnetic charger
  • Quick Guide (English)


3 years


1 Enabled by default to work across the EU. Can be activated to work worldwide for an extra charge.

MiniFinder® Atto Pro's design is patented in the EU. Design number: 003457787-0001

Technical specification
Size 65 mm × 35 mm × 16 mm
Waterproof Yes. IP-67 certified
Weight 39g
Battery Rechargeable, 3.7V, 850mAh
GSM-band Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Power source 5V DC
GPS Start Active 1s, Warm 2s, Cold 26s
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +65°C
Accuracy (Position) 5m
GPS chipset Ublox M8130 (AGPS support)
Humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
Battery Life Up to 120h under normal use
Memory 1Mb (flash memory)
LED 3 LED lamp indicates GPS, GSM and power

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MiniFinder® GO Tracking System

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