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About us

MiniFinder is an IoT company that develops products and services based on GPS technology

The company was founded in Växjö in 2012 with a dream of developing technology helping companies to optimize and streamline their vehicle fleet through positioning technology. Today, we are a steadily growing company that offers comprehensive solutions in several areas - mainly in four areas: healthcare, fleet management, security, and animals.

Our business is based on proprietary products and services that are characterized by quality, a unique design and high precision. We customize products and services to our customers' needs and offer innovative solutions that simplify the everyday life for all our customers.

We strive to continue to grow, both in the Swedish and international markets, and assist our customers to connect everything valuable to the IoT cloud. It is our goal to be at the forefront of technology and become a market leader in the development of IoT products and location services.

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Environmental policy

We at MiniFinder are keen on protecting the environment. That is why we always strive to reduce our negative impact on nature and work to influence the environment in a positive direction.

Among other things, we do this by fulfilling all essential statutory requirements, being aware of the environmental impact of the business, taking environmental issues into account when developing new products and services. Moreover, we are overseeing our environmental work and continuously setting new goals to pursue.

MiniFinder encourages the recycling of products, thereby promoting sustainability. We are constantly working to reduce the amount of waste and that waste generated should be recycled appropriately.

Core Values



We help each other, and we help our customers together.



We are driven by passion. We want to maximize the value for all our customers.



We constantly strive to develop new unique products and solutions.



We offer products and services of the highest quality.



We create business relationships that are based on trust.



We try to find simple solutions to complex problems.