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All MiniFinder products are based on world-leading GPS technology and work in over 190 countries. Please contact our support at for questions about specific countries.

No. The size of the MiniFinder product is customized for its purpose. You can read more about the specific sizes on each product page.

Yes, we ship orders worldwide.

Delivery time depends on the chosen delivery method. Within the EU, the delivery time is 1-3 days. In the rest of the world between 3-7 days.

Each MiniFinder product comes with a quick guide. Scan the quick guide's QR code or enter the URL in your browser to get the full quick guide. Follow the quick guide step by step and within a few minutes your MiniFinder will be ready to use. In the quick guide you will also find a link to a complete user manual for your MiniFinder and the tracking system MiniFinder GO.

Instructions for use can be found in the enclosed quick guide.

Yes, by pressing the map pin you get more information where there is information about the distance between you and your MiniFinder.

Yes. If the unit leaves a safe Geofence Zone you will receive a direct alarm to the MiniFinder GO APP.

To ensure that your MiniFinder continues to function and stay connected outside the EU, an additional cost of €8.88 per month is added. Contact MiniFinder's support at to add the service.