Q: Does MiniFinder works in my country?
A: MiniFinder products works world wide.

Q: Are MiniFinder Pico & Atto bulky?
A: No, the size of our products are approximately 6cm x 4cm (2.4" x 1.6"). Like a matchbox.

Q: How can I track my MiniFinder?
A: You can track it by a mobile APP "MiniFinder SMS Commander" if you only buy device. However if you buy device with our Live Tracking System you can track it live by our APP Tracktor.

Q: Which maps are supported?
A: GoogleMaps for tracking over SMS and OpenStreet, Bing and GoogleMaps for Live Tracking.

Q: How does tracking over SMS works and how much it costs?
A: Tracking over SMS works easy and does not require any monthly costs. Save the phone number of your Atto/Pico in the MiniFinder SMS Commander and just press button "Locate". Your phone will send a location command over SMS to your device. After 10 - 30s your device will reply back on your SMS to your mobile. Reply SMS contains a link to GoogleMaps. Just press on that SMS and the GoogleMaps App will start on your phone and show the position of your device. Every position costs one SMS on the SIM-card that is installed on your device.

Q: Why do I get the same position all the time?
A: Your device is probably indoors or in a basement. Indoor tracking can not be accurate due to no GPS signal and device sends you latest known position.

Q: I am getting "No location" info in SMS
A: For the first time you need to bring your device outdoors and shake it to force fixation against GPS satellites.

Q: How can I get battery status of my MiniFinder?
A: In every position SMS reply you can see the battery status.