Q: Does MiniFinder work in my country?

A: MiniFinder products works worldwide.

Q: Are MiniFinder products bulky?

A: No, the size of our products is approximately 5cm x 4cm (2.4" x 1.6"). Like a matchbox.

Q: Do you deliver internationally?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: Within the EU and North America, the delivery time is 1-3 days. In the rest of the world between 3-7 days.

Q: How do I activate a MiniFinder product?

A: Please see the video below that explains how to activate your MiniFinder:

Q: Where can I find MiniFinder user manual?

A: You can find it on the supplied card that comes with each MiniFinder product. If it gets lost, please contact MiniFinder Support: support@minifinder.com

Q: Why do I get no position in the APP?

A: Turn off and then start your MiniFinder outdoors. Leave it to the open sky for 5-10 minutes. If you still do not get a signal, please contact our customer service for further advice: support@minifinder.com

Q: Can I track multiple MiniFinders in one and the same APP?

A: Yes, there is no limit to how many devices you can track in real time from your account. Of course, you need to purchase a MiniFinder product with a data plan (subscription), and then enable it from an existing account.

Q: Do I need to buy a battery?

A: No, all MiniFinder products have built-in and rechargeable battery.

Q: What is the tracking range?

A: There is no limit on reach. You can track your device remotely located thousands of miles from you.

Q: Can I see the distance between myself and my MiniFinder?

A: Yes. Touch the map needle and you will get more information. Stands distance between you and your MiniFinder.

Q: Can I get an alarm if the device leaves a safe GeoFence Zone?

A: You can draw a so-called GeoFence on the map and set to get an alarm when your MiniFinder leaves that area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support department by calling the phone number: +46470786833 or via email: support@minifinder.com.

You can also chat with us by pressing the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.