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MiniFinder GO

MiniFinder GO is an internet-based alarm and tracking system specially designed for MiniFinder's GPS trackers. 

MiniFinder® GO

Efficient tracking system with real-time monitoring

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What is the MiniFinder GO tracking system?

The tracking system MiniFinder GO sends and logs position data in real time that you can easily access via the interface in the browser or in the app. Here you can also make personal adjustments to your specific needs.

For who?

Our GPS tracking system is designed to get the most out of MiniFinder products, whether it's theft protection, personal security or pet tracking. In addition to real-time positioning with logs, the system also contains several functions for companies in logistics and transport and operations in healthcare.


User-friendly tracking service

The GPS system is easily connected to your tracker from MiniFinder through a smart and flexible getting started guide. Once connected, you get access to a number of smart functions, such as security alarms, driving logs and geofence. In the system, you also control which users will have access to the various services.

Exact real-time positioning

MiniFinder Go is the brains behind your GPS tracker or your MiniFinder security alarm. The tracking system is based on advanced GPS technology and ensures real-time tracking of the highest quality. In addition to the tracking function, there are also smart complementary functions, such as that you can share a tracking link to people outside the system. This allows you to easily share location data, travel information and much more to people who are not users of the system.


Smart log with saved data 

MiniFinder Go logs and archives all position data for one year. This allows you to, for example, retrieve information about old business trips and retrieve flexible reports to analyze the track transmitter's position over time, speeds, distances, working hours, engine hours and much more. For you as an entrepreneur, this means that you can streamline your business by reducing administrative work!

Notifications and alarm reports

MiniFinder Go gives you who use one of our security products a total overview. Information about the track transmitter and its latest known position is clearly displayed in the interface, so you always have full control over the device and the person using it. In addition to this, you get clear notifications and warnings when any device alerts in the event of unforeseen events. Of course, you can produce alarm data afterwards and take out clear alarm reports.


MiniFinder® GO features

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