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Family care

Family care

MiniFinder Nano GPS Personal Alarm

250,00 € Ex Tax: 208,33 €

The new generation of personal GPS security alarms in clock format with 4G.

MiniFinder Pico - smart GPS tracker with alarm!

235,00 € Ex Tax: 195,83 €

Innovative GPS-tracker with a multi-functional usage.

MiniFinder Accessories

MiniFinder Lanyard

Ex Tax: 2,50 €

Lanyard suitable for MiniFinder Pico or MiniFinder Nano One.

MiniFinder Wristband Lock

Ex Tax: 8,33 €

Wristband lock for MiniFinder Nano wristband.

MiniFinder Magnetic Charger

Ex Tax: 4,17 €

Fits Nano, Nano One and Atto Pro that can be charged via USB port.

MiniFinder Wall Charger

Ex Tax: 5,00 €

Fits all GPS trackers that can be charged via USB port.

MiniFinder Beacon

Ex Tax: 20,00 €

For indoor positioning & extending devices' battery life.

MiniFinder Wristband

Ex Tax: 20,83 €

Wristband suitable for MiniFinder Nano personal alarm.

MiniFinder Pico Bag

Ex Tax: 10,00 €

Bag suitable for Pico.

MiniFinder 12-24V Charger

Ex Tax: 13,33 €

Fits all GPS trackers with a micro USB-port.

MiniFinder Charging Dock

Ex Tax: 16,67 €

Charging dock suitable for Pico.

Charging base made for Pico 4G.

MiniFinder Carabiner

Ex Tax: 6,67 €

Carabiner for MiniFinder Pico.

MiniFinder Clips

Ex Tax: 10,00 €

Clips for MiniFinder Pico.

MiniFinder Pico Wristband

Ex Tax: 20,83 €

Wristband for MiniFinder Pico.