Health care

The GPS alarm developed by MiniFinder consists of innovative security solutions that make life easier for both alarm holders and their relatives.

The new generation of personal GPS security alarms in clock format.

Innovative GPS-tracker with a multi-functional usage.

A multi-purpose mini GPS tracker that works worldwide.

MiniFinder Accessories

Lanyard suitable for MiniFinder Pico or MiniFinder Nano One.

Wristband lock for MiniFinder Nano wristband.

Fits Nano, Nano One and Atto Pro that can be charged via USB port.

Fits all GPS trackers that can be charged via USB port.

For indoor positioning & extending devices' battery life.

Wristband suitable for MiniFinder Nano personal alarm.

Bag suitable for Pico.

Fits all GPS trackers with a micro USB-port.

Charging dock suitable for Pico.

Charging base made for Pico 4G.

Fits Pico, Pico Lite och Atto that can be charged via USB port.