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Vehicle tracking

Our GPS trackers are versatile, flexible tools that can be used in several areas. We tailor the solutions to your needs and make sure that you have access to the services providing the very best solutions for you.

MiniFinder Zepto GPS Tracker

135,00 € Ex Tax: 112,50 €

Smart GPS Tracker for both vehicles and machines.

MiniFinder Digital TripLog

135,00 € Ex Tax: 112,50 €

Electronic triplog in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency’s guidelines.

MiniFinder Accessories

OBD Power Adapter

Ex Tax: 10,83 €

OBD power adapter for MiniFinder Zepto.

OBD Extension Cable

Ex Tax: 10,00 €

OBD extension cable for MiniFinder Zepto.

MiniFinder Eye Beacon

Ex Tax: 57,50 €

Temperature and humidity sensor